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Evaluating a New IT Partner?

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1. Make sure the company you partner with is licensed and insured in your state.
ANYONE can represent themselves as an IT professional. There is no licensing or regulatory body currently in place that qualifies a person to provide IT support. Ask to see the companies' insurance and certifications.

2. Do some basic research. Check out their licensing status (this is public record).
Are they in good standing with the state? Check for current social media presence and a detailed website. Look at who you will be doing business with. Is there a bio that mentions founders/members/employees by name. Are they local? Do they have a physical address that goes to a brick-and-mortar location?

3. I have been doing IT in some capacity or another since 1999...that's 23 years!
In all that time, I can tell you that you get what you pay for. My mantra for serving in IT has been that it is my job to give my honest opinion and recommendations to my customers. I recommend purchasing new equipment covered with a warranty. New equipment tends to last much longer; in the 5-10 years where I have seen refurbished equipment bite the dust in 4 months. Standardizing equipment is the easiest way to lower your TCO by facilitating system maintenance and support as well as providing a platform that is familiar to your whole team.

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