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Looking for a Managed IT Services Provider?
Start by Asking the Right Questions

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With so many Managed IT Service Providers available on the market today, figuring out how to cut through the clutter to choose the right provider can be an intimidating and overwhelming process especially when it comes to fulfilling the unique needs of your business.

To help narrow down the options and come to an effective decision quickly here are a few key questions you should be asking:

1. What measures do they take to assess your business needs?

By asking about the assessment process an MSP takes can help assure that the needs of your business are fully understood before any solutions are proposed. This will help you weed out the MSPs who are just selling you the latest technology and recognize the ones that will work with you throughout every step of the way.

2. Do they operate locally?

In situations where on-site presence is needed, having a managed service provider that is able to respond and get to you quickly is a major benefit. In addition to this, if the company is locally owned and operated, versus a larger company with local presence, then there is an added level of support on the basis that your ongoing needs are more prioritized and communication is more accessible. From this point of view you are able to assess the extent of the relationship that will exist once the agreement term starts.

3. What can they do for your work environment?

By asking this question you should look to gain an answer that relates to the support of your employees, the security of your information, and the optimization of your workflow. In today's highly automated environment and increasingly declining level of customer support, does the MSP provide proper training with patience and care? Do they monitor your business 24/7 to

proactively protect it with reliable technology? Do they avoid complicating your infrastructure by offering efficient solutions that will optimize workflow and align with your business goals?

What an MSP specifically offers and actively does for the work environment might just be one of the most important factors in determining if they are a right fit for you.

4. What is their pricing structure and how do they justify it?

While it may be obvious that you should always know what your business's money is going towards, it's especially important for you to know what you're getting from the expense to protect and manage it. If a managed service provider cannot provide you with specific reasoning behind their prices and what you will save by signing on with them, then there is a crucial piece of information you are missing out on in knowing if they have the ability to meet your needs.

5. Do they have service agreements with clearly set contract terms?

The level of transparency in service agreements will allow you to know if an MSP is trustworthy to partner with or not. A quality managed services provider will usually have requirements for the software and equipment they service, clearly stated renewal and cancellation terms, as well as specified billing cycles and conditions where additional fees would come into play. By looking out for this you can be assured that the services promised to you will be provided and not have to worry about any misunderstanding within the agreement that could cause downtime.

Once you have gained insight from asking these questions it's never a bad idea to check additional sources such as client reviews, certifications, and further background information. However, by utilizing this guide, you can be sure to save time in the outsourcing and be confident in your decision when it comes down to the final call.

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